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12.10.2009 - In a second, from 0 to 100!

Crazy? Departed? Or just pure fun?
More information at the following link: NitrOlympX-Event.

FIA Dates online

Total Performance goes FIA European Championship. Dates are online.

SE Series Sponsoring

Total Performance wins for the SE-Series 5 Sponsors and a Filmteam. More about that and the upcoming SE-Series Deal with Total Performance in the next Dragracer Magazine.

New Dates are online

The new Street Eliminator Dates are online

Rallye Monte Carlo 2007

The Rallye ist over. More infos soon...

23.08.2005 - Family Krenz get the 1. and 2. Champ Title

Michael Krenz from Eppelheim, Heidelberg gets at the last German Super Gas Run in Hockenheim the 2nd Place of the 2005 Dragrace Champaignship. His son Kevein became in his first season German Junior Champ.

20.07.2005 - The new store is online

The new merchandisestore ist online!

21.05.2005 - The Timeslips are online

For the route info please klick the banner on the upper left!

21.05.2005 - Onkelz Dragster Team Club Race

For the route info please klick the banner on the upper left!

05.01.2005 - The best wishes for 2005! DVD @ "Merchandising"

At all out there: we wish you a very good year 2005!

@ Section "Merchandising" there is a great Racing DVD.

13.12.2004 - New subsection "Costs"

The Sponsoring-Costs at Total Performance...

13.12.2004 - New Dodge pics

New Dodge pics online

01.12.2004 - 70s Chevy Nova for sale

The 70s Chevy Nova is for sale. Please contact us if you are ready for a deal.

30.11.2004 - 1941 Willys

Total Performance sign a new team. Under section "Cars" you get info`s about the Race Antz.

02.10.2004 - New section "About us"

Who we are and what we do....

02.10.2004 - 1969 Mustang

Total Performance sign a new team. Under section "Cars" you get info`s about the Drag Race Team Krenz.

22.09.2004 - Video`s online

For the video`s watch inside the category "Media/Video".

15.09.2004 - Report Hockenheim 2004

With a home game atmosphere, and many well known faces, the race was still disappointing on many levels.

Both the poor race organization and the weather conditions insured that our Onkelz Thunderbird team would have no time to replace their damaged transmission.
Initially 4 hours were scheduled between the races, but at the last minute, the 4 hours was reduced to only 30 minutes. Thus, we risked driving in the second race with our defective transmission. The result was a loud noise from the transmission. Shit happens!
We would like to thank the organization of the event for their great timetable.

The outcome wasn`t much better for Tom Meier in his red Nova. Tom got off to a slow start and was unable to make up the time later in the race. Tom quit as a result - he knew he would be unable to make up enough time to continue in the next round. Thus, it was over for Tom after the second run.

We enjoyed the Sunday final races in the box where we ate steak and had gasoline conversations about what could have happened if...
But that`s life - You win some, you lose some.

In this way: See you at the race track!

13.09.2004 - American way of driving on 26.September!

On the 26. September you can meet us and our cars at the "Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit" in Mannheim.

12.08.2004 - Shirts temporarily sold out!

All shirts are sold. We let you know when we ship again.

19.08.2004 - Merchandise sale begins!

We're happy to tell you, that we will start selling our merchandise in Hockenheim for the first time.

See you @ Hockenheim

18.08.2004 - Website goes online!

The waiting is finally over. The completely new website is online. The website has been developed and designed by blindwerk - neue medien, a print - and web- agency.

Have fun with our new pages!!!