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The word sponsoring originates from the Latin word "Sponsa", the bride. So sponsoring literally means, "to tie the knot". As usual, at any decent wedding, there is a good size endowment involved to make the bride appear even more "attractive".


Sponsorship in general is a surety, something a person/company does to support and/or advance a person/organization, in the form of money, material value or service.

Meaning/Purpose for Sponsored Party

Sponsorship is, aside from the advertisement, its own form of financing. The economical meaning for the sponsored party is first of all to make it easier or even possible to reach their goal.

What can it look like?

  • Contribution to direct financing i.e. to place monetary funds at their disposal.
  • Contribution to indirect financing i.e. to render material values or services.

Advantages for Sponsor

  • Reaching of clientele with high purchasing power
  • Sponsorship is highly accepted by the population
  • Improvement of image and degree of recognition
  • Successfully appeal to a targeted group
  • Creating a level of trust and/or sympathy towards the product

Where will your Sponsorship-ads be seen?

Through the sponsorship program booked advertisement will be shown for the duration of the cooperation on the team-vehicle of your choice.

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